J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. recognises RusAg’s excellence in interbank and commercial payments

23 December 2021
RusAg received quality recognition awards from its partner, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A, in two nominations, interbank payments and commercial payments, for the excellent standards of processing USD-denominated interbank and commercial transfers in accordance with the international rules for automated STP (straight-through processing).

Since 1997 J.P. Morgan Chase has been giving awards to their clients in multiple nominations. Each year, this recognition of excellence from one of the world's leading financial institutions goes to less than 1% of banks routing their payments via J.P. Morgan Chase.

Over the last few years, RusAg has been regularly recognised as a global financial institution and has confirmed its status of an excellent processor of outgoing payments. At the end of 2021 the percentages of interbank and commercial STP payments from RusAg (i.e. those that require no additional processing by the correspondent) stood at 100% and 98.73%, respectively.

‘Maintaining high operational standards is on the list of our priorities, and the recognition we get from market leaders confirms that it is the right strategy and that we are a team of true professionals. We are grateful to J.P. Morgan Chase for their appreciation and we are set to keep up our standards of quality in the coming years,’ said Ekaterina Romankova, a Deputy Chairman of RusAg’s Board.