RusAg’s digital ecosystem for business gets 1 million users on board

25 January 2022
In 2021, B2B users on Svoe.Fermerstvo (, a RusAg ecosystem for agrarians, jumped ten-fold to 1 million people. In a similar fashion, the number of products offered by the system showed a ten-fold increase to 1 million. Most importantly, almost all Russian manufacturers of agricultural machinery joined the platform as it launched 10 new digital services for agribusiness.

‘For millions of people living and working in rural areas we are now more than just a bank because we have successfully eliminated many of their needs and are continuing to launch services to make agribusiness more efficient and cost-effective. Those who use Svoe.Fermerstvo, the largest national agricultural marketplace, have an opportunity to improve their business processes, learn and even get involved in public discourse and research, and this is a benefit not only to them but to the country at large. For us as a flagship bank it is essential to see that the sector is becoming more sophisticated and knowledge-based,’ said Boris Listov, RusAg’s Chairman of the Board.

The ecosystem added such services as Soil Analysis, Crop Forecast, Agroconsultant, Innagro Test Programme, a vet bot and others to streamline farming operations and cut production costs. RusAg believes that over the next two years an average farmer will be able to reduce costs by 15-50% and boost revenues by approximately 30% through the use of digital services.

The system’s core product is Agronomist Online management service (with a share of 55% of all services requested), followed by TeleVet, an online support service for livestock experts and vets (35%). Most of the ecosystem's digital services are free.

In 2021, the number of B2B suppliers within the system rose by a half and passed 9,000.

Agricultural machinery is the most visited product section in the catalogue, viewed by a third of Svoe.Fermerstvo marketplace users, with the MTZ-82 tractor as the absolute 2021 merchandise leader (80% of the total demand for tractors).

About a quarter of the overall traffic on Svoe.Fermerstvo is generated by the livestock section that also offers such exotic items as camels, cryopreserved embryos of high-value cow breeds and entomophage (native pest fighters). Another 15% of traffic is seeds.

Svoe.Fermerstvo has on board 90% of Russian manufacturers of agricultural machinery, over 50% of seed producers and 40% of breeding farms and animal breeders. Knowing how important equipment is for farmers, the ecosystem offers used machines at reduced prices and seasonal discounts. In breeding and seeds, RusAg cooperates with the leading research institutes that offer samples of highly productive crops, and aims to partner with many more.

In 2021, Svoe.Fermerstvo transformed into a knowledge library and educational platform for farmers, offering media platform AgrOpinion and Agrowiki encyclopaedia. AgrOpinion hosts daily talks and webinars with research institutes, suppliers, partners selling servicing solutions for agribusiness, agri-tech companies, RusAg experts on finance and insurance. As invited speakers share expert information and invited farmers discuss their personal business experiences, viewers can address their questions live to experts.

Anyone can create a video blog or join a live talk or interview. All content is accessible live or in recorded version.

Agroconsultant, a new service, has a similar purpose and offers farmers customised professional advice from the faculty of the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy via Telegram or, if needed, through personal contact.

‘We are building a community where farmers, scientists, experts and other professionals are able to exchange knowledge and enrich one another intellectually. This will give the sector a further boost,’ added Boris Listov.