Russian Agricultural bank provides 100% coverage of rural areas

02 June 2022

By the beginning of summer 2022, the regional network of Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg, the Bank) includes 1,542 points of sale in 82 regions of the country. Of these, 1023 points that is over 66% are located in small towns and rural areas. The Bank provides 100% coverage of rural areas, including through the organization of work of the authorized representatives providing consulting services.

“Along with the development of digital channels for providing banking services to the Russian population, we continued to expand our point of sales network represented by the Bank’s offices and remote workplaces in the territory of retail and service enterprises, multifunctional centers and other partners. We know that such traditional formats are convenient for many of our customers, so we will continue to maintain a high level of ‘physical’ presence. Being the main agribusiness bank, it is especially important for us to ensure the full access to financial services for the population of rural areas. We continue to work on comprehensive service quality improvement,” commented Lyudmila Korsakova, Director of the Regional Network Management and Development Department at RusAg.

Earlier in 2022, RusAg announced plans for the development of Business Activity Centers network in those regions where, in addition to standard banking services, there will be an Multifunctional Public Services Center window; a comfortable co-working area with free Wi-Fi and charging zones, parcel terminals; a "health corner" and even a meeting room for business meetings, and a workplace equipped with a computer.

The Bank plans to place such Business Activity Centers in the regional administrative centers, including in rural areas. They will improve infrastructure, increase the availability of various services for the population, which as a result will contribute to improving the standard of living in rural areas.