Russian Agricultural Bank and Russian Environmental Operator agreed to invest in municipal solid waste management projects

28 April 2022

Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg, the Bank) and Russian Environmental Operator (REO) have agreed on investment cooperation in the field of municipal solid waste (MSW) management.

According to the agreement, signed on 27 April 2022, RusAg will buy back REO bonds for RUB 50 billion. Supervisory Board of REO approved a green bond program totaling RUB 100 billion until 2024, to finance the construction of facilities in the field of waste management, RUB 50 billion of which will be attracted from other investors – both legal entities and individuals.

“Protection of the environment and the health of citizens is one of the most urgent tasks of our country. In particular, the national project ‘Ecology’ is aimed at its solution. The most important part of the project is an ambitious reform to create a modern waste recycling industry, and we are glad that the State has engaged Russian Agricultural Bank to develop this area, which is extremely important for the well-being of the whole country. Cooperation between the Bank and REO will expand the access of market participants to financing and will allow them to implement large investment projects in the field of MSW management. Also, the Bank will provide projects with financial, economic and legal expertise,” said Boris Listov, Chairman of the Management Board of Russian Agricultural Bank.