RusAg, Golden Autumn: neural networks and robots will help boost greenhouse and orchard yields 20-30%
08 October 2021

Russia can lead the global market of IT for greenhouse and horticulture purposes if it combines the efforts of large businesses and research institutions, said Anton Tikhonov, Executive Director of the RusAg Industry and Technology Expertise Unit, speaking at the Golden Autumn exhibition.

RusAg: Russian organic market may exceed RUB 12 billion by the end of 2021
08 October 2021

Covid has stimulated demand for organic products around the world. RusAg expects that the global organic market will grow by 12% to USD 140 billion in 2021. In Russia, this market may reach the RUB 12 billion mark by the end of the year.

RusAg to launch Organica, a foundation for organic agriculture
07 October 2021

According to an announcement made at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition, RusAg will launch Organica, a foundation to promote the philosophy of organic consumption, develop organic agriculture and support Russian organic producers. According to a RusAg study, every tenth Russian will be consuming organic food by 2025.

RusAg looks at agro tourism
07 October 2021

The financial potential that can be unlocked through developing agro tourism in Russia is estimated at RUB 55 billion a year, while the annual number of travellers to the countryside may reach eight million people.

Russian Agricultural Bank became the leader of the Anti-Corruption Rating
06 October 2021

RusAg was awarded the highest category in the 2021 Anti-Corruption Rating of Russian Business. The rating, which includes the country’s largest companies, is presented by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) as part of the annual Russian Business Week.

Russian Agricultural Bank signed a cooperation agreement with Microcreditbank
05 October 2021

RusAg and Microcreditbank (Uzbekistan) signed a cooperation agreement that provides for active cooperation in the field of agribusiness exports between Russia and Uzbekistan, trade finance and interbank cooperation. The agreement was signed by Kirill Levin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Russian Agricultural Bank, and Orif Butaev, Chairman of the Board of Microcreditbank, at the International Economic Forum held in Uzbekistan on September 29-30.

Golden Autumn: Russian Agricultural Bank named the main trends of the grain market
05 October 2021

The key driver for the development of the grain market in Russia is the yield growth, which over the past 5 years rose by 23% and reached 28 hundred kilograms per hectare (dt/ha), said Dmitry Zhilyakov, Head of the Department of Industry and Technological Expertise of RusAg, at the panel discussion "Grain Market" of the Golden Autumn exhibition. The main feature of the industry in the last 15-20 years has been an outstripping growth in the efficiency of grain farming, primarily in regions with a high share of large businesses. For example, in the Black Earth region, the average yield has doubled.

Russia’s sausage exports jump 33 per cent
24 September 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, Russia’s sausage exports have risen by 33% from last year to 33,100 tonnes, a RusAg report says. Over the period under review, domestic meat suppliers consolidated their presence on the key foreign markets (the former USSR countries), added Benin, Liberia and Ghana in West Africa to the list of their new export destinations and increased exports in kind to the Far East and Southeast Asia almost fivefold.

Artashes Sivkov, RusAg: Getting a consumer loan or a credit card will take half the time in 2022
13 September 2021

Automation of financial service and digitization of sales and service channels is essential if RusAg wants to develop its retail lending business, says Artashes Sivkov, a Deputy Chairman of RusAg’s Board. With multiple digital solutions in place, by 2022 RusAg will be able to halve the time that a brick-and-mortar bank needs to issue a consumer loan or a credit card.

Chocolate breaks into Top 10 agribusiness exports, ice cream exports spike almost 40 per cent
07 September 2021

In 1H 2021 Russian chocolate made its way into the top ten of the most exported products. Its exports rose by 23% year on year, climbing to USD 340 million in money terms.