Russian Agricultural Bank increased the volume of concessional lending to agribusiness in the 1Q 2021 by 1.5 times
23 April 2021

Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg, the Bank) provided the agribusiness with RUB 437.1 billion of loans in 1Q 2021, exceeding the result for the 1Q 2020 by 10.4%. Of these, RUB 132.7 billion or 30.4%, borrowers got at a subsidized rate. In the current year, the volume of concessional lending increased by 50.8% and its share - by 8.2%.

RusAg: domestic pork consumption will continue to grow in 2021, but the industry will be driven by export
22 April 2021

By the beginning of 2021, Russia had become one of the largest exporters of pork and co-products, and the consumption had reached its peak in 30 years.

ACRA affirmed credit rating of Russian Agricultural Bank at AA(RU) with Stable outlook and upgraded its standalone creditworthiness assessment
31 March 2021

The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA, the Agency) has affirmed the credit rating of Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg, the Bank), outlook Stable, and its senior unsecured debt ratings that are equivalent to that of the Bank.

RusAg lists the fastest growing categories of Russian agricultural exports
17 March 2021

The structure of Russian agricultural exports has been transformed over the last year to mirror stronger external demand for domestically produced meat, sugar and oilseeds in addition to grains and fish, according to RusAg’s Centre for Industry Expertise.

RusAg and Epinduo to boost supplies of Russian agribusiness products to China
16 March 2021

RusAg and Epinduo, the largest Chinese marketplace for Russian food products, have signed an agreement that enables Russian agribusinesses to penetrate the Chinese market. It was signed with OOO Epinduo, Epinduo’s official representative in Russia.

RusAg to get behind major investment projects, farmers and rural tourism in Buryatia
15 March 2021

Alexey Tsydenov, Head of the Republic of Buryatia, and Boris Listov, RusAg’s Chairman of the Board and CEO, have agreed to ramp up support for Buryatia’s major businesses, farmers and rural tourism. Buryatia’s Minister for Agriculture and Food Galsan Dareyev presented a project for the construction of a 20,000-tonne-capacity potato / vegetable combined storage. For this project, the company has developed a business plan, design documentation and received an environmental assessment certificate.

Russian Agricultural Bank announces its FY 2020 IFRS results
12 March 2021

Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg, the Group) announces its audited consolidated financial results for FY 2020 according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Unlocking China: new markets for granulated beet pulp to boost returns for sugar makers
09 March 2021

Most sugar producers in Russia have either already diversified their product range by adding on granulated beet pulp or are planning to do so soon. Consistently high external demand for beet pulp helps domestic companies absorb fluctuations on the sugar market. In the coming years, China will be playing an ever increasing role as an importer of granulated beet pulp from Russia as it is expected to consume beet pulp produced by as much as a third of Russian mills, according to the RusAg Centre for Industry Expertise.

RusAg in the top five of ESG-compliant Russian banks
20 February 2021

In its first ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ranking of Russian banks, rating agency RAEX-Europe has placed RusAg in the top five of ESG-compliant Russian financial institutions. This ranking is part of RAEX-Europe’s project to collect, systematise and analyse ESG data for companies on the post-Soviet landscape and assess their performance against 200 indicators in the three key fields of Environmental (environmental impact), Social (staff and local communities), and Governance (information disclosure and management).

In 2020, Russian Agricultural Bank increased its support to farmers by 1.5 times
18 January 2021

In 2020, Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg, the Bank) allocated over RUB 260 billion to support small and medium-sized agribusiness companies, which is 44% higher than in the previous year. At the same time, the Bank issued RUB 92 billion to small farms at a preferential rate of no more than 5% in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1528.