Russian Agricultural Bank is a member of national and international associations, partnerships and business councils, which allows the Bank to establish new business contacts and strengthen existing relationships with local and international organizations and investment funds, while at the same time obtaining and analyzing the latest market intelligence.

The Bank is an active member of the following organizations: the Association of Russian Banks, the Association of Regional Banks of Russia, the Association of Banks of North-West, the US-Russia Business Council, the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA), the Russian-Chinese Business Council and the International Confederation of Agricultural Credit (CICA) and other, which enhances the Bank’s potential to further develop its business and fosters international cooperation in agribusiness lending.

Russian Agricultural Bank participates in bilateral inter-governmental commissions on economic, scientific and technological cooperation, as well as on trade and economic cooperation. The Bank’s participation in these commissions expands its opportunity for involvement in the global economic environment and for additional international partnerships.

Cooperation with the Bank's foreign partners in the professional training and experience exchange sphere contributes to introducing new practices, tools and innovative technologies. Russian Agricultural Bank representatives also participate in international financial congresses, conferences, forums and meetings, which allow the Bank to obtain information on various innovations and banking sector best practices and contribute to further strengthening and developing bilateral cooperation with counter-party banks around the world.

Organization full nameLocationWebsite

Organizations in the Russian Federation

Association of Russian Banks
20 bld.1,Skatertny Pereulok,
Moscow, Russian Federation
Non-profit organization
“Association of Regional Banks of the Russian Federation”
(Association “Russia”)
2/5/4, bld. 3 Slavyanskaya Square, Moscow, Russian Federation
Association of Banks of North-West5/2, Pirogovskaya Naberezhnaya, Saint-Petersburg, Russian
Union “Russian Agrоindustrial Association of Employers “Agrоindustrial Union of Russia” (Rosagropromsoyuz)1/11, bld. 1, Orlikov Pereulok, Moscow, Russian

International organizations

Non-profit association
“International Confederation of Agricultural Credit”
Confédération Internationale du Crédit Agricole

Tödistrasse 48,
8002 Zurich,

Non-profit partnership
“Russian-Chinese Business Council”


43 А bld.2, Sevostopolsky street,
Moscow, Russian Federation
Non-profit corporation
“U.S.-Russia Business Council”

1110 Vermont Avenue, NW Suite 350, Washington, DC 2005, USA

Smolensky Passage Business Centre, Office 611, 3, Smolenskaya Square,
Moscow, Russian Federation
Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association

Suite 1400, 727 - 7 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 0Z5

15 A  Bolshoy Strochenovsky Per., Moscow, Russian Federation