Branch Network

Russian Agricultural Bank’s unique position in agribusiness sector is supported by one of the largest branch networks in Russia. Through its regional branches and additional offices RusAg offers a highly varied range of financial services and products. Such a position alongside its broad customer base coupled with the diversity of its activities enables RusAg to achieve stable results, and in doing so continue to respond to the changing needs of its clients.

Russian Agricultural Bank’s network includes 72 regional branches and about 1,200 additional offices. Regional presence is focused on rural areas with unsatisfied market demand.
The Bank provides financial services to 26% of population of the Russian Federation.

The expansion and optimization of RusAg’s regional branch network is aimed at:

  • enhancing the quality of client services
  • enlarging and unification of range and availability of banking products and services for clients 
  • increasing operational efficiency
  • approaching clients in the region of residence
  • facilitating Bank’s cooperation with clients
  • further development of land mortgage system and rural infrastructure

RusAg pursues a strategy of sustainable, profitable growth by means of a unified approach to structuring the relations between the head office, regional branches and additional offices.

A special focus is given to the development of official relations with regional and local administrations. A series of cooperation agreements was signed between RusAg and administrations of the constituent republics, regions and districts of the Russian Federation. Through its wide-spread branch network RusAg participates in the financing of various regional programs aimed at economic and social development of the constituents of the Russian Federation. Today the Bank’s vast branch network is the second largest in Russia.

Russian Agricultural Bank has representative offices in Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and China.