Mission and Strategy

RusAg’s target image is formed on the basis of the interests of customers, partners, employees and shareholders, the main focus of which is aimed at forming a financially stable, competitive and technological Bank that implements its primary role in supporting agribusiness and rural areas


We are building the best bank for agribusinesses, SMEs and the population of the country’s regions. While fulfilling government tasks, we introduce advanced digital technologies and at the same time maintain the availability of our regional network in order to provide our products and services 24/7 across the country. By making people's lives comfortable, we contribute to the realization of a positive scenario for the future

Strategic Objectives

RusAg provides a comfortable environment for priority customer segments, contributing to the implementation of strategic objectives of the agricultural industry and the development of rural areas.

The core bank for agribusiness and rural areas:

  • RusAg is a core bank for agribusiness and priority sectors of the Russian economy. The Bank plays an active role in agribusiness transformation and facilitates the development of agricultural industry and rural areas.

  • RusAg is more than just a bank or a provider of traditional financial services – it offers unique non-financial mechanisms for comprehensive support of agribusiness and rural areas within the framework of the strategic concept “More than Bank”. It creates a comfortable business environment, facilitates growth of the entire agribusiness, promotes farming and improves the quality of rural life.

Strategy 2025

Russian Agricultural Bank is one of thirteen systemically important financial institutions in Russia. The Bank offers a full range of banking and related financial products and services and leads in agribusiness finance.