Agribusiness Financial Support

Experience and competencies in cooperation with the largest businesses taking the leading positions in the following industries: agribusiness, forest industry, oil and gas, electric power, transport, and other sub-sectors

RusAg plays a fundamental role in financing domestic agribusiness development. The Bank’s mission and strategy prioritize financing and fostering the development of agribusiness (including fishery and forestry enterprises), and individuals residing in mid-sized towns and rural areas.

RusAg is the key bank in implementing federal and regional agribusiness development programs. The Bank has cooperation agreements in place with regional authorities, SME financing funds and guarantee agencies in the territories where it is present to pursue regional development strategies and federal policies in economic, social, educational and other spheres.

Russian Agricultural Bank takes part in sustainability programs focused on the social aspects and initiated by the Government. The aims of these programs are to provide affordable financing to agribusinesses, to improve their financial performance so that more rural communities may benefit from them.

Since 2002, Russian Agricultural Bank has been implementing the Government policy on the financial rehabilitation of agricultural producers. Such measures are taken by the Bank with consideration of the need for business conservation while mitigating the negative impact on the Bank’s financial performance.

Russian Agricultural Bank, for more than 15 years now, has participated in the government sustainability programs focused on social aspects.

RusAg prioritizes lending to the following key segments within the framework of the 2025 State Program:

  • Lending for various purposes, such as: machinery, livestock, grain, fuel, and fertilizers purchases, land, warehouses and facilities lease with priority given to agribusiness producers, farmers, agricultural consumer cooperatives, food processing companies, fisheries and aquaculture producers, markets and shopping facilities.

  • Financing seasonal field works. The Bank regards seasonal work financing as one of its priority lending targets. The Bank’s market share in issuing such loans is about 70%. And, in a number of regions, RusAg has become the only bank that finances this area.

  • Lending to agricultural credit and consumer cooperatives. This type of support contributes to closer cooperation and integration in rural areas. Credit and consumer cooperatives are an important vehicle for rural financial stability.

  • Support of export-oriented businesses. RusAg holds a leading position in the banking sector of Russia, being a core bank for servicing agribusiness exports and a number of other significant export-oriented industries.

  • Financing investment projects for building, reconstruction and modernization of agricultural facilities (livestock complexes, greenhouses, vegetable stores, etc.).

  • Developing all forms of small business, including family-operated farms and startups. Fostering agribusiness startups creates new jobs for young professionals and qualified personnel retention in rural areas.

The program is aimed at upgrading living standards, stimulating investments in agribusiness, strengthening positive attitudes towards rural life and developing non-agricultural production and employment; promoting the creation of hi-tech employment opportunities. which is designed to increase living standards of rural residents; mobilize investments in agribusiness; promoting the creation of high tech jobs, stimulating the local communities engagement in socially important projects, creating positive attitude towards rural way of life.

The program is aimed at support of residential construction for certain categories of citizens, support of solvent demand for housing, enhancing quality of utility services. As part of this program, Russian Agricultural Bank is involved in the sub-program ‘State subsidized mortgage lending’. The Bank provides mortgages to young families and families with children (under Federal Special Purpose Programs).

Russian Agricultural Bank is a key participant in the mechanism of lending to agricultural producers at a reduced rate (concessional lending), implemented under the State Program on Agribusiness Development (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation as of 29 December 2016 No. 1528), and maintains a leading position in the market.

Within the framework of the concessional lending mechanism, subsidies are provided directly to authorized banks as a contribution for lost income (in the amount of 100% of the Bank of Russia key rate on loans issued in 2017-2018, and 90% – on loans issued in 2019 and subsequent years).

For SMEs, RusAg provides a program of concessional lending for performers of agricultural production cooperatives. Preferential loans can be obtained by agricultural producers and entrepreneurs involved in the processing of agricultural products, companies investing in port infrastructure and wholesale distribution centers, as well as any organization engaged in the production, processing and sale of agricultural products, regardless of the share of agribusiness in their turnover.

In 2019, RusAg and the Ministry of Agriculture signed an Agreement stipulating subsidized lending to agribusinesses as part of the Government Resolution No. 512 dated 26.04.2019. The new procedure for providing subsidies is aimed at increasing competitiveness of domestic agricultural foodstuffs and growing the output through better marketability.