Financial Institutions

Russian Agricultural Bank helps financial institutions to carry out activities in financial markets and make settlements

Financial Market Operations

RusAg offers banks a full range of services for conducting conversion operations:

  • Two-way market quotes;

  • No restrictions on the lot amount;

  • Narrow spreads, no commissions;

  • The possibility of working under the arrival of foreign currency or Russian rubles;

  • Offset of counterclaims and obligations (netting);

  • Professional advice on the main instruments of the foreign exchange market.

RusAg is a market maker of the Russian cash currency market. The Bank offers:

  • Purchase and sale of cash foreign currency for non-cash foreign currency or non-cash Russian rubles;

  • Purchase and sale of cash currency of the Russian Federation to non-resident banks;

  • Examination of the authenticity of banknotes;

  • Collection and delivery of banknotes in Moscow;

  • Delivery of banknotes to any region of Russia on a ‘door-to-door’ basis;

  • Collection and delivery of banknotes in the CIS countries through the largest banknote carriers.

RusAg is an active participant in the interbank lending market.

The Bank’s advantages: market quotes, no requirements for the lot amount, the possibility of making early payments.

RusAg offers its counterparties purchase and sale transactions of bullion and precious metals with settlements on metal accounts. The Bank always has in stock a wide range of measured ingots produced by Russian refining organizations.

Correspondent accounts in gold, silver, platinum and palladium can be opened at RusAg.

RusAg offers its counterparties Russian and foreign commemorative coins made of precious and base metals on popular themes, as well as series of coins dedicated to significant dates, events or holidays.

Promissory notes of Russian Agricultural Bank combine the properties of a security as a reliable and profitable way to allocate temporarily free resources, as well as a settlement instrument for mutual settlements with counterparties.

Transactions with RusAg’s promissory notes are carried out at any branch of the Bank.

The Bank’s promissory notes are accepted as the main collateral for loans and guarantees of the Bank.

RusAg issues promissory notes in Russian rubles and Chinese yuan.

Opening of LORO Accounts

RusAg opens LORO correspondent accounts for financial institutions – residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation.

Accounts are opened in Russian rubles and foreign currencies, on a wide list, in accordance with the types of currencies in which the Bank’s correspondent accounts are opened in foreign banks.

RusAg’s Payment System

The Payment System of Russian Agricultural Bank allows participating organizations to transfer money between bank accounts.

To do this, organizations need to become participants (money transfer operators) of the Payment System – accept the Rules of the Payment System and conclude an agreement on a correspondent account with the Bank.

RusAg’s Payment System operates in accordance with Federal Law dated 27 June 2011 No. 161-FZ “On the National Payment System” and the Rules of the Payment System of the Bank.

Documentary Transactions

Russian Agricultural Bank provides a wide range of products and services for trade finance transactions of financial organizations:

  • Settlements using letters of credit;

  • Interbank reimbursement;

  • Issuance of guarantees under counter-guarantees.

The Bank of Russia Coin Platform

RusAg offers financial institutions services for issuing coins of the Bank of Russia, exchanging the Bank of Russia banknotes for the coin of the Bank of Russia in the framework of transactions concluded on the Bank of Russia Coin Platform.

These services are provided to financial institutions, participants of the Bank of Russia Coin Platform upon conclusion of an Agreement with Russian Agricultural Bank to receive (deliver) coins of the Bank of Russia within the framework of transactions agreed on the Bank of Russia Coin Platform in accordance with the Commission Rates of RusAg for services to financial institutions.