Russian Agricultural Bank and the Government of Chuvashia signed a cooperation agreement
18 November 2021

On November 17, Boris Listov, Chairman of the Management Board of Russian Agricultural Bank and Oleg Nikolaev, Head of the Chuvash Republic signed the Cooperation Agreement aimed at socio-economic development of the region, strengthening its economic and industrial potential.

Russian Agricultural Bank and FEA experts discuss trends in international settlements for 2022
15 November 2021

On November 10-12, the Autumn session of the forum “International import and export day 2021” took place in Moscow online. Within the framework of the forum, on November 11, Russian Agricultural Bank held the 5th anniversary interbank conference on Foreign Economic Activity (FEA).

Russian Agricultural Bank announces its 3Q 2021 IFRS results
15 November 2021

Russian Agricultural Bank announces its interim condensed consolidated financial results for 9M 2021 according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Russian Agricultural Bank and Frank RG: 86% of investors believe that using ESG criteria can lead to higher returns
26 October 2021

Russian Agricultural Bank and Frank RG presented a joint research on ESG investment in Russia and the world. According to the research, 86% of investors believe that the use of ESG criteria can lead to higher profitability of financial instruments in the long term, and concern for the reputation and external social and environmental pressure remains the main driver of implementing a sustainable development policy in Russian companies.

RusAg anti-corruption hotline the best in the banking sector
18 October 2021

RusAg’s anti-corruption hotline has come top (seven points out of seven) in an Anti-Corruption Hotlines in the Commercial Sector rating , RusAg being the only financial institution in the rating to be given the maximum number of points.

RusAg agribusiness finance hits record high
18 October 2021

In the first nine months of 2021 RusAg provided Russian agribusinesses with RUB 1.2 trillion in loans, reaching a record high for the period under review. Within this figure, RUB 425.7 billion (35.3 per cent) was lent at subsidised rates, driving the volumes of subsidised loans and their percentage in the total loans up 31.8 per cent and 8 percentage points respectively.

Rural factor in play. RSHB Factoring looks back on two years of its operation
15 October 2021

RSHB Factoring has grown its portfolio to more than RUB 30 billion over two years.

RusAg, Golden Autumn: neural networks and robots will help boost greenhouse and orchard yields 20-30%
08 October 2021

Russia can lead the global market of IT for greenhouse and horticulture purposes if it combines the efforts of large businesses and research institutions, said Anton Tikhonov, Executive Director of the RusAg Industry and Technology Expertise Unit, speaking at the Golden Autumn exhibition.

RusAg: Russian organic market may exceed RUB 12 billion by the end of 2021
08 October 2021

Covid has stimulated demand for organic products around the world. RusAg expects that the global organic market will grow by 12% to USD 140 billion in 2021. In Russia, this market may reach the RUB 12 billion mark by the end of the year.

RusAg to launch Organica, a foundation for organic agriculture
07 October 2021

According to an announcement made at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition, RusAg will launch Organica, a foundation to promote the philosophy of organic consumption, develop organic agriculture and support Russian organic producers. According to a RusAg study, every tenth Russian will be consuming organic food by 2025.

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