Russian Agricultural Bank informs on the status of subordinated Eurobonds coupon yield payment
20 April 2022

Russian Agricultural bank (RusAg, the Bank) reports on the situation with subordinated Eurobonds coupon yield payable on 16 April 2022, with an interest rate of 8.5% per annum, maturing in 2023 (ISINs: XS0979891925, US74973DAJ81).

Since the beginning of March Russian Agricultural Bank added to its foreign trade portfolio more than a hundred new contracts
25 March 2022

Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg, the Bank) is expanding its portfolio in the sector of foreign economic activity (FEA) – only in March number of contracts increased by 100. The most popular areas of interaction for Russian clients are the Middle East countries (Egypt, UAE), Central and Southeast Asia (China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.).

RusAg’s digital ecosystem for business gets 1 million users on board
25 January 2022

In 2021, B2B users on Svoe.Fermerstvo (, a RusAg ecosystem for agrarians, jumped ten-fold to 1 million people. In a similar fashion, the number of products offered by the system showed a ten-fold increase to 1 million. Most importantly, almost all Russian manufacturers of agricultural machinery joined the platform as it launched 10 new digital services for agribusiness.

RusAg and the Republic of Tuva sign a cooperation agreement
24 December 2021

Boris Listov, Chairman of the Board of Russian Agricultural Bank, and Vladislav Hovalyg, Head and Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Tuva, signed a cooperation agreement to replace the one that was operating in 2013-20.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. recognises RusAg’s excellence in interbank and commercial payments
23 December 2021

RusAg received quality recognition awards from its partner, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A, in two nominations, interbank payments and commercial payments, for the excellent standards of processing USD-denominated interbank and commercial transfers in accordance with the international rules for automated STP (straight-through processing).

RusAg: ESG as a point of agribusiness growth and a stimulus to export to developed markets
21 December 2021

ESG compliance could become a competitive advantage for Russian agricultural exporters, said Anna Kuznecova, a Deputy Chairman of RusAg’s Board, speaking at the Innovative Practices: Science Plus Business congress.

RusAG wins Retail Finance Awards 2021
20 December 2021

RusAg’s Svoe Rodnoe (A World of My Own) project carried off the first prize in the Best Social Project nomination of the 15th annual Retail Finance Awards, given in recognition of successful development of financial retail in Russia. RusAg’s social media chatbot was also named best in the Readers’ Choice category.

RusAg: digital financial assets may prove cost-effective in agribusiness on a five-year horizon
14 December 2021

Within the next five years, Russia may successfully launch the use of digital financial assets (DFA) in supply chain financing (for supplies made from small producers to large food processors) or in reverse mechanisms such as purchase guarantees. Projects of that sort may be originated not only because they are more cost-effective, but also through ESG initiatives or product labelling, said Dmitry Tarasov, Head of the RusAg Centre for Macroeconomic and Regional Analysis and Forecasting.

RusAg wins We Are Together international award
10 December 2021

RusAg received We Are Together, an award that has been handed out in Russia since 2015 and was given this year under the auspices of UNESCO. 300 professional experts had to assess more than 25,000 applications on the basis of relevance, social significance and cohesion between the objectives of the contestants’ projects and of the award. RusAg won the Green Country nomination.

‘Start of the Year’: RusAg’s Private Banking wins SPEAR'S award
08 December 2021

Private Banking from RusAg won the Start of the Year nomination of SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Navigator Awards 2021, the 13th annual award in private banking and wealth management.

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